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How Can We Build Enchantment Into Our Lives? – Part 2
Thank you for staying with me for this two part article about how our environments add enchantment to every day living. This week I invite you to read about how my Virtual Assistant, Rebecca, put beauty, meaning and form into her home. Her story is...
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Tsunami Tsupport

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In the wake of what can be arguably called the world's greatest act of God in the new millenium, we have also been witness to what can be equally argued as the world's greatest act of charity as the United Nations have received over 4 Billion dollars of aid meant for Southeast Asia. With so much money to counter in even greater need, one thing we must learn from this is what to do next time. The tragedy continues to escalate, and what can be more tragic now, with aid so close away, it can't even get to most of the people that need it.

Canada must be commended for it's deployment of the DART team. DART (Disaster Assistance Response Team) is comprised of 43 person medical team, and has a water purification equipment. While they are not equiped to handle major trauma or surgical needs, they can treat secondary ailments relating to unsanitary conditions.

However, the DART team, like most of the assistance sent by the world's nations, cannot even reach to the people since the roads are still blocked. The idea behind the DART team is what is important. There is no reason why other countries work together and create other DART teams, that can both enhance the one Canada has, or focus on other potential problem areas. Measures must be taken that are common for most disasters. Getting a secure location, making a path to reach the affected areas for both containment, and pulling out survivors, treating the wounded, and feeding the people. It has been over 2 weeks since the incident, and still people have no help. Groups impersonating relief organisations seemed to have profited the most, and they have made an unestimated amount of money from unsuspecting samaritans.

What can you do? Simple. If you haven't donated yet, and are afraid of getting scammed, go directly to the relief organisation. Do not give money to people that call you, or that you see in the street. To find a more extensive list, check http://www.google.com/tsunami_relief.html
But that along is not enough. If the United Nations cannot properly manage the assistance, write to your government and have them follow Canada's lead. Get them to work on another DART type team or program. What happened in Southeast Asia can happen to you, either around your home, or while you are on vacation. Do you want to know that people have sent provisions that cannot get to you,but there was something they could do about it?

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