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Join in and Celebrate the 39th annual Pitch In Canada Week
Pitch In Canada is celebrating their 39th annual event between Monday, April 18th and Sunday, April 24th this year. This non-profit organization has been working hard since 1967 to bring awareness to consumers through their "Itís up to you"...
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Story of Rock Island Bend

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Peter Dombrovskis' most famous photograph, Rock Island Bend, was the iconic image of the campaign to stop Tasmania's Hydro-Electric Commission damming the Franklin River. When it appeared as a full-page advertisement in the Herald just before the 1983 federal election, the caption was "Would you vote for a party that would destroy this?"
The Franklin River was saved with federal intervention.This was not just a political photo. It was also a good photo.

He was the finest landscape photographer in Tasmania, a master of his large format camera which recorded the environment in remarkable detail. The others typically were bushwalker photographers short on skill and experience.The work of the bushwalker photographers was often poorly composed, short of detail, devoid of any particular stamp of authority or individuality. Dombrovskis's photographs were superbly composed, wonderfully detailed and always immediately identifiable as his. They were, at simplest, much more beautiful - providing much stronger reason to support the campaign and vote on that basis at the federal election.

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Join in and Celebrate the 39th annual Pitch In Canada Week

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What fills your car? Petrol. What fills your fax machine? Paper. Who fills the third planet from the sun? We do, meaning us! Your probably wondering what im going on about arenít you? Iíve got a question I want to ask you. What would you do to...
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Earthquakes and Tsunamis
Tsunamis Tsunami - a seismic sea wave - means in Japanese "harbor-wave". It is also misleadingly called "tidal wave". It is an ocean wave caused by an earthquake of magnitude 6.5 on the Richter scale (or greater) that occurs less than 50 kilometers...
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Weather affects every aspect of the economy
c. 2004 Chris S. Orr CCM Weather affects every aspect of our lives. It impacts our pocketbooks, our menus, our schedules and even our health. We are aware of how cold weather drives up the price of natural gas and propane (just look at your...
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The Dead Sea - A Sea that is Sadly "Living" up to its Name
A couple of weeks ago, the news headlines mentioned lightly the new " Israel, Arabs agreement to save Dead Sea: " Jordan , Israel and the Palestinian Authority said they had agreed terms for a feasibility study on transferring water from...
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Conserving for whom?
The west is in a drought. Along with other measures being recommended or required, weíve been asked to conserve water. Great. Itís good to conserve. After all, being frugal, dependent on less, and keeping oneís environment uncluttered and unpolluted...
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