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A SCADA System Assessment
A Pre-SCADA System Assessment By Randy Dennison Introduction Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) is a process control system that enables a site operator to monitor and control processes distributed among various remote sites. Such...
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Tendrills of smoke circle my head
The smell of it fills me with dread.
Especially when I don't smoke
It's only when other people take a toke.

It burns
It makes my stomach churn
My eyes hurt
And I'm very curt.

I'm curt because I want my health
A killer that can attack in utter stealth
I want to keep my lungs inside of me

Why can't they see that the habit's bad
For all of us, and it's so sad.
For the children around...the next generation
Breathe it in....It gets maximum penitration

Coughs and athsma, allergies and such
Makes this all too much
For they have a filter in their mouth.as they puff
We don't, and enough is enough.

About the Author

I live in Edmonton Alberta Canada. Ever since having to stand outside at a Christmas party, I have made a stand against smoking.


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