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Are You Part of the Wake Up Crew?
Many people living on the planet right now have volunteered to accept the opportunity to play teaching, healing, inspirational and leadership roles during this current planetary transformation. These assignments have been accepted by the...
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Real estate construction revolution – Epilogue

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Despite numerous advantages of eco-houses along with vast research experience and positive attitude of physicians and ecologists, they can hardly take their firm place in our life. The reason for it may be in the fact that the value of the natural materials (like straw) is too low.

A building constructed of straw assembly units can be about five times cheaper than that of conventional brick. It’s easy to make a simple conclusion that massive building of such houses may radically change the market situation leading to recession of construction companies’ and developers’ incomes. They don’t have it on the agenda right now for sure.

At the same time, the wealthiest people really care about what inheritance they hand down to their descendants. That’s why they are usually concerned with the environmental conditions, apart from all the financial matters that are on their list of important things. You can never buy new health, can you?

Thus, care about health is no longer an individual matter, but social in general. Every single person is responsible here. Therefore, the first and the main important duty of eco-houses is to minimize negative impact on the environment and utilize wastes with minimal damages. That’s what the whole reasonable world must learn.

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Cameron G. Lindblom is a Sweden-born businessman who's built his success in real estate. Apart from running his business, he is the Editorial Board Manager at RealEstateGates Ltd (http://www.realestategates.com).

One of his outstanding works is called 'Drugs and Society', 1998.

"Wrong choice goes from ignorance of the better", Cameron often says to people and this seems to be his lifetime motto.

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