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Dallas Contracting Co., Inc. Completes Concrete Aggregate Crushing Project

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South Plainfield, New Jersey, July 2005 – Dallas Contracting Co., Inc., (website: http://www.dallascontracting.com) a specialized contractor providing demolition, onsite concrete aggregate crushing, equipment salvage and scrap metal recycling to various industries, completed a 5,000 ton concrete and asphalt crushing project for a client in New Jersey.

The project scope consisted of Dallas Contracting Co., Inc. (Dallas Contracting) providing an excavator and an onsite concrete crushing plant to crush 5,000 tons of concrete, asphalt and brick into 2 inch minus material to be used for onsite backfilling. The work had to be completed quickly as the client had a backfilling deadline that had to be met.

To accomplish this task, Dallas Contracting utilized a Komatsu PC220LC excavator with bucket attachment and an UltraMax 1000-15CV Plant (manufactured by Eagle Crusher Company, Inc.). The Ultramax is a 3 stage portable crushing unit that has a feed hopper size of 11 cubic yards and is powered by a 275HP Diesel and 75KW generator. The typical throughput for the crushing plant on material of this nature is about 1000+ tons per day.

The materials were first sized to 2 feet x 2 feet in order to fit into the feeder. The materials where then fed into the hopper utilizing the Komatsu excavator. Rebar from the concrete is sorted out from the aggregate material via an onboard magnet. The rebar is discharged to the side and the crushed materials are discharged towards the rear. The crushed aggregate material was sized to 2 inch minus.

Due to the client’s timetable, all materials needed to be crushed as soon as possible in order to meet their backfilling schedule. Dallas Contracting was able to meet the client’s tight schedule and all 5,000 tons of materials were crushed in five (5) days. The crushed aggregate was immediately utilized by the client for onsite backfilling. The project was completed on schedule and without incident or injury.

Our concrete aggregate and asphalt crushing services offered the client many benefits including:

Environmentally friendly - conserve landfill space

By utilizing the crushed aggregate materials onsite as fill material, it saved the client a substantial amount of money by not having to import backfill materials or send the original materials offsite for disposal.

Dallas Contracting Co., Inc. is an expert in onsite concrete aggregate crushing, asphalt crushing and recycling. Additional information on our onsite crushing services can be obtained at our website http://www.dallascontracting.com/concrete_crushing.html

About Dallas Contracting Co., Inc.

Dallas Contracting Co., Inc. has been in business for 26 years, is financially sound (D&B Rating of 3A2), is bondable, and works on a nationwide basis. Dallas Contracting Co., Inc. offers a turnkey approach to demolition, concrete recycling and remediation projects by offering the following services under one roof:

Demolition, Onsite Concrete Aggregate Crushing and Recycling, Environmental Remediation, Rigging, Brownfield Redevelopment, Surplus and Used Equipment Sales, Interior Demolition, Equipment Removals, Dismantlement, Equipment Salvage and Scrap Metal Recycling.

Dallas Contracting Co. Inc. sells used and surplus equipment and inventory at their storefront on EBAY (http://stores.ebay.com/Dallas-Contracting?refid=store).


Dallas Contracting Co., Inc.
1260 New Market Avenue
South Plainfield, New Jersey 07080
P: (908) 668-0600
F: (908) 668-0601
Contact: Damon Kozul, PE, CHMM
Email: dkozul@dallascontracting.com
Website http://www.dallascontracting.com

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Operation Manager
Dallas Contracting Co., Inc.


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