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The Benefits Of Outsourcing
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Using "Title Tags" With Your Web Links & Images

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Using "Title Tags" for your web links & images is an arsenal many companies fail to utilize when planning out their web site optimization.

These tags will help search engines to navigate through your information.In the last topic we talked about Meta Tags within your web site source code. We also discussed how important it is to use the same words in your content that you included within your meta tags.

Another tip for your to complete your web page optimization is to include title tags for your relavant images & web links.

Title Tags For Your Links: Performing this task will help search engines to determine what your links are about and what to expect. Title tags with your links also gives a user a description of what to expect!

Here's an example of this: Put your mouse over the > X

How to create a title for you link... If you already know how to create a link, all you or your web designer have to do is add a small amount of code before the link, like so...

Ex: ( Example Link )

Example Link

<a title="Example Title" href="http://www.smartads.info/">Example Link</a>

The <a title="Is were you add your title"

Tip #2 When Considering Image Links:

When using an image for a web link to another page, give your image a name that is meaningfull to your service or product.


  1. I've linked the image button to this page called "Using Title Tags"

  2. I've named the image button "using_title_tags.gif"

  3. The title of the image is: "Using Title Tags"

All of these steps will let the search engines know exactly what the image is about! Yes, I agree all these steps seem like a lot of work but in the end, when your sales are up, you won't be thinking about how much work it took but how successful you have become.

Here's the code for that image...

<a href="http://www.smartads.info/articles/se/using_title_tags.html"><img src="../using_title_tags.gif" alt="Using Title Tags" height="24" width="135" border="0"></a>

Notice how all these steps have given 3 "Key Phrases" for search engines to look at to determine the meaning of the image.

  1. ( a href= ) - The web link command to another page

  2. ( img src= ) - Where to find the image and what it's called

  3. ( alt= ) - The title of the image

One Last Web Site Optimization Tip:

One last tip I want to include is about your "Headings". It is said that the size of your heading will also help the search engine determine your rankings by looking at your headings for the page content. Try to use the - command for your headings.

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