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Ten great careers that donít require a four year degree.

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One of the great myths associated with the ďAmerican DreamĒ is that you need to have a four-year college degree to be successful. As the economy has shifted to the information age, with a greater reliance on technology and services, this belief applies less and less.
The new economy relies on technology more than any time in the past. In fact 70% of existing jobs require specific technical knowledge and this technology is being applied in newly created industries like biometrics, homeland security, nanotechnology and reusable energy.

Eighty percent of existing jobs donít require a four-year degree, while only 25% of students who begin college actually graduate. Of those who do graduate, 30% donít get a job that actually requires a degree!

The solution to these issues for many graduating high school seniors and workers unsatisfied with their current careers rests in a specialty technical school. These schools provide specific technical training in a variety of career fields. Career training courses take less than four years to complete, most take less than two. These schools offer online and night courses, so you can have a job or a family and the best part is graduates earn 50% more than high school graduates.

Here is a list of ten great careers that offer high employment prospects and competitive pay.

Medical Assistant
Dental Hygienist
Help Desk Analyst
Graphic Design
Multimedia Design
Medical Coding/Billing
Medical Office Administration
HVAC Technician

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