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Petite Modeling is There a Career for You?

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Petite modeling is a tough industry to break into. Especially since most modeling agencies won't represent models unless they're 5 feet and 9 inches tall or taller. Have you had people tell you're cute? Do you hear all the time "you should be a model"? But you just don't qualify for the strict standards that most modeling angencies have?

Rest assured there is a career out there for the petite model. There is work in the worlds of the fashion, commercial, editorial and many other industries for the less 5 feet 9 inch models. There is even work for models as short as 5 feet

Most of the work in the petite modeling industry involves close up pictures of the face, hands, feet or other body parts instead of the body as a whole. The fashion modeling industry is very body focused, that is why they have such stringent height requirements for their models.

As a petite or avearage size model you would probably not be working much in the fashion industry so bodily imperfections and height are not usually factors. Evan a fairly average looking person can be very successful in this industry if they are willing to work hard, get the job done and show clients they are easy to work with.

So how do you get in to this specialized segment of the modeling market?

First, remember the focus in this market is very much on the face rather than the figure. To make it in this market you need to have nice skin, a good bone structure, good teeth, and be cute. Most of your success will also be based on the look that is "in" at the moment.

To find out if you have any chance of success as a petite model you need to get an evaluation from an agency or someone who has contact with clients within the industry. This will tell you if you have the look that their clients are hiring at the moment.

If you are told you just don't have the right look at the moment don't despair. The modeling industry moves at a fast pace, and what's not in now could be the rave in the next 6 months. The models in this segment of the market are ofter paid very well because advertisers usually focus more on the look of the models face than her figure. Advertisers usually have more money to spend than many clients in the fashion industry and a good model could make as much as $125.00 per hour on her first job.

Not cute? Do you think you don't have that "glamourous" look that could get you high paying jobs as a model. Don't despair, even a normal person can get high paying jobs in this industry if they are easy to work with and sparkle on camera. A plain model who shines is more likely to get the job than a beautiful model who is lifeless.

Photographers and clients would rather work with a model who is vibrant and easy to work with than a beautiful one who is honery, does not take instructions well, and acts "snobby" or concieted on the job. Putting too high a price on yourself in this highly competative industry many times will cause clients to pass you on for a more pleasant model.

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Find out how to break into the petite modeling industry, and get your face in front of hundreds of clients looking for petite and average models at http://www.petite-modeling.info


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