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Career Development - When It's Time for a Change
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Find Your Calling at MyDentalCareer.com

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Attention, students – now is the time to seriously think about your future job in the dental field. You probably have many questions, such as: “Where can I get quality skills training? How am I going to afford vocational training? How do I write a professional resume?” Well, the search is over -- you’ve got a place that has all the answers – MyDentalCareer.com!

MyDentalCareer.com is a website that is dedicated to addressing the unique needs of high school seniors. You’ll find great information on how to enroll in a fantastic front desk training program that gives you the necessary skills to enter the lucrative dental field once you have graduated. This 8-12 week comprehensive program is provided by the Warschaw Learning Institute, an institute of highly qualified staff, who offer the program in a personalized format that is conveniently accessed via the Internet. Additionally, all participants who successfully complete this short and specialized program are awarded a Certificate of Completion that will show employers that you mean business!

You will also find useful tips and information on -- creating professional resumes, effective job search skills, interviewing to get the job, developing self-esteem, and a host of other helpful topics – all designed with first-time job seekers in mind.

Your promising career in the dental field is important to MyDentalCareer.com; that’s why we strive to provide you with a high-quality dental office front desk training program that will place you head and shoulders above the competition. You owe it to your future to take advantage of this excellent training opportunity.

You’ve got questions and MyDentalCareer.com has the answers. It’s only a click away. After all, a quality education should never have to be a compromise!

"Changing Lives...One Career at a Time."

About The Author

Cathy Warschaw

The Warschaw Learning Institute has grown to become the leading online dental office training among today's dental professionals, adults changing careers and high school seniors.

Contact Details:
Warschaw Learning Institute
8424 Santa Monica Blvd. #A-170
West Hollywood, CA. 90069, USA
(323) 822-0917
Copyright 2005 by Warschaw Learning Institute


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