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Education and changing careers

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Education can have many different impacts on your career

Your education can have far reaching impacts on your career. For example, educations can influence your career in the following ways:

• Educations dictate what career fields you can enter. You can’t become a doctor unless you are educated in the medical field, for example. How do people become pilots? They get flight school educations.
• How educated you are determines how far you will advance in your field. People with higher educations will win advancements more often and reach higher positions over all than people that are less educated.
• How educated you are can play a role in your salary. People with higher educations get paid more than lesser educated people for the same exact work.

Get ahead with distance learning
Wow, you say. That’s sounds good. I’d like to get more educated but how? I don’t have the time to quit working so that I can work with educators in my new program. You don’t have to quit work to get educated when distance learning is involved. You can further your career by getting a college degree with a distance learning program. Many colleges provide programs either through correspondence or using the Internet.

Imagine how proud you’ll be in your next interview when you talk about going back to school. Sounds good for your career, doesn’t it?

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