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Case Study on Career Coaching

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Career coaching is a valuable tool to use in all spectrum of career development. Recently one subject found the value of this service so rewarding that he gave his permission to use this study so others could benefit from his experience.

The subject name is Wilbert so as to protect his identity. He is a director of a wilderness program for challenged students. He sought the service of Aria Career Development Services because he had an immediate need to increase his job productivity. At the initial meeting with the coach he indicated that he wanted to improve his job. He was managing quite a few tasks simultaneously, which interfere with his productivity. As a result, he felt overwhelmed.

One of his main problems was time management. This was evident when he showed up late for his first meeting with the coach. He appeared stress from the pressure of his job.

During the intake session, Wilbert indicated that he wanted to prioritize his task, work on time management, develop communication skills with his superiors and field directors and lessen the workload. These were his short-term goals. His long-term goals were to start and own his own wilderness business, have a family, balance work and family life and take care of himself. He described himself as being creative, abstract thinker, and service oriented.

In addition, Wilbert stated during his first meeting, "I am interested in working with a career coach because I need some tools and guidance in areas that I don't have."

He further mentioned that he would like to receive these benefits:
"I want to know how to handle stress on my job, how to create balance, and do my job more effectively."
At the end of the session, he was given the opportunity to express his feelings and how the session helped him. This is what he said:
"I found the session to he helpful. I appreciated your calm tone of voice, and the questions you asked. The cards were very clarifying; I felt resolved and calm."

Wilbert received three assessments from the KNOWDELL™ Card Sorts: Career Value, Motivated Skills and Job Style Indicator. Each of the three succeeding assessment sessions focused on one skill set at a time. The caliber and results of the assessment impressed Wilbert. In particular, they revealed his individual skills and how he could develop skills, previously averted.

The coach also developed a set of time management cards for Wilbert to use on the job. These cards were useful to him as he was able to allocate time accordingly using this card set.

Furthermore, the coach used Wilbert visual skills in the coaching session. Wilbert used a mind mapping diagram to determine the stage he is at in his career and what skills he needs to develop for the future. The coach uses the mind mapping diagram and other strategies to help chart a plan of action.

Each week there was notable progress with Wilbert. His stress level decreased, as he was able to map out his duties and rearrange his time. Wilbert’s stress level went down because he found more free time through out the day.

As a director, he wanted to manage everything on his job even though it was hurting his health. By using a graphic organizer, he was able to map out his duties and rearrange them so that someone else could take over some of the tasks associated with his position.

It was difficult at first to do and took time but Wilbert accomplished his short term goals. Wilbert says, “I am feeling better at accomplishing tasks on my job. I am more productive and less stressed. Coaching really helps me.”

Wilbert improved his productivity with the skill sets introduced by his coach. The coach also gave him a Personal Assessment time management/personal development checklist to use in his daily activities. This he noted to be effective in meeting work targets. He is also thinking about using this assessment tool with his staff.

Wilbert utilized his new time management and skill focused approach on the job and shared his perspective. "Now I can delegate most of my tasks, focus more energy on the ones I am better at. I have more ideas on how to help the instructors. I am able to create a system, schedule and streamline tasks with greater ease, speed and efficiency."

Wilbert is one of many clients that coaching helps. Each client is unique in their needs and goals. The value of career coaching is seen everyday in people who utilize this service.

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About the Author

Annmarie is a certified International Job & Career Development Coach. She works with individuals and businesses on career development using different assessment instruments. She has a BSC and a MA in education. She is very active in her community and is presently a volunteer for the Cancer Society. Ann Marie Edwards maybe reached at 828-645-7676 /877-645-7670 or


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