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Autumn Car Care -- Get Ready for Winter
(ARA) - We all know it’s foolhardy to head out in Duluth in a poorly maintained vehicle in the dead of winter, but folks in Miami shouldn’t expect a free pass either, according to the pros with the nonprofit National Institute for Automotive...
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Will Your Brakes Provide the Stop You Need?

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(ARA) - Have you ever stopped your car at a busy intersection and cringed in embarrassment as your brakes let out an ear-jarring squeal? Or braked and felt the whole car shudder and chug to a stop? Or worst of all, have you pressed on the pedal and realized that absolutely nothing was happening?

Anyone who drives a car has heard their brakes make funny noises and wondered what it meant. But how do you tell the difference between normal sounds and the danger signals that tell you it’s time for a new brake job?

“Some braking noise is normal, but it should be minimal,” says Pete Murnen of Federal-Mogul, manufacturer of Wagner brake products. “An occasional squeal does not necessarily mean there is a problem; noise can be related to a lot of different factors,” he adds.

For consumers who want high-quality, quiet brakes with an extended life span, there is now a new alternative. ThermoQuiet Disc Pads are dramatically different from any other brake pad available. The one-piece, integrally molded insulator (IMI) design eliminates the squeaks and vibration often associated with other brake pads, while still providing superior stopping power. This patented, heat-dissipating configuration also extends the life of the braking system well beyond that of most conventional pads.

“ThermoQuiet quite literally has changed the game in brake pad design,” says Murnen. “It has virtually eliminated brake-noise complaints, and the stopping performance and durability is excellent.”

The experts at Federal-Mogul offer guidelines for monitoring the condition of your brakes. Here are some common scenarios and what they mean:

* Brakes grab at the slightest pressure: It could mean a problem with grease- or oil-contaminated linings, or a loose or broken component that could fail in an emergency.

* Vehicle pulls to the side when braking: This could mean an underinflated tire, brakes in need of adjustment or brakes in need of repair.

* Brake pedal or steering wheel shakes or vibrates, or the vehicle shakes when the brakes are applied: It could mean disc brake rotors need resurfacing, there is a loose component, or a faulty steering mechanism.

* Brakes are sticky, wheels are hot or there is a loss of engine power: It could mean brakes are failing to release.

* Excessive squealing, grinding, screeching, clattering, chattering, and groaning: Brakes need attention.

ThemoQuiet brake pads are available for most domestic and import vehicles. Consumers can request them from their local service technician. For more information, call (888) 444-1660 or visit www.federal-mogul.com.

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