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Toyota Tundra Recall: New Trucks Brakes Break

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Toyota Tundra models have serious break problems, many of which Toyota is refusing to take responsibility for. Toyota recently issued a recall notice for its 2004-2005 model Toyota Tundras equipped with dual exhaust because one of the exhaust pipes was found to rub against the brake line. Toyota states that this will “possibly cause brake fluid leakage and raise the risk of a crash”. To put it honestly, the friction will cause break fluid to leak and the brakes will fail. Whether the car crashes or not depends on how fast you are going, whether you are driving downhill, and the behavior of vehicles surrounding you.

Toyota has recently been grievously irresponsible about issuing warnings and recall notices on its Toyota Tundra trucks. There is little question that a design flaw in the Tundra causes front rotors to warp very quickly, causing the truck to shudder during braking. Toyota even issued a technical service bulletin, but Toyota dealers have not alerted consumers to the problem. Hundreds, if not thousands, of Toyota owners have been told there isn’t a problem or blamed for “driving too hard”, that is until their 36,000 mile warranty expires. At this point the Toyota dealerships acknowledge the brake problem and offer assistance –- at full price.

The Toyota Tundras are breaking down because the rear brakes do not self-adjust properly. This transfers the entire braking load to the front wheels. The front rotors are not designed to withstand that much pressure and heat, and so they end up warping. This is what causes the severe shimmy and vibration at all speeds, but especially between 40-50 mph.

Because this is a fundamental problem with the rear brakes, rotors that are repaired are completely warped again within 3,000 miles. Toyota has had dozens of other problems with the Tundra model, but they only issue technical service bulletins online and make no attempt to inform customers. Unless the Toyota owner checks the internet every month or two, it is likely they will not notice their faulty calipers, backing plates, lines, bearings, and breaks until it is too late. Either their warranty expires or they suffer through a car accident. The shaking also damages other systems and components in the truck, including transmission and stereo systems. If this has happened to you, you are not alone.

Independent mechanics will be very open about the problems with Toyota Tundras, but Toyota dealerships feign ignorance about the problems. It is safe to say that Toyota is brushing off its customers, denying their claims and endangering their lives. What happens when the brakes start shuddering on ice or snow? What if a small child runs into the road in front of a Toyota Tundra? Many of the victims involved feel overwhelmed. Toyota is a huge company and they are merely individuals. When the dealership tells its customers that this is not a widespread problem, that the warranty does not cover the costs, or that the driver is responsible, these are blatant lies. Maybe the warranty does not cover normal wear and tear beyond a certain mileage, but Toyota designed, marketed, and shipped a vehicle with a fundamental flaw that endangers the lives of people on the road. This is not normal wear and tear; it is a defective product. Toyota is acting in bad faith with its customers, and this is against the law.

Toyota has not responded to formal complains filed about the Toyota Tundra’s defective brakes, but they will listen to a lawyer. If you have been injured as a result of the Toyota Tundra malfunction or if Toyota has refused to pay for repairs, contact a Toyota Tundra lawyer right away. If are interested in a widespread effort to unite victims and force Toyota Tundra to own up to its defects, please consider filing a Toyota Tundra class action suit with hugesettlements.com.

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