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Toyota Recall Lawyer: Toyota Tacoma Recalled 3 Times in 4 Years!

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As recently as July 15, 2005 Toyota announced a recall in their Tacoma series of trucks. This most recent recall addresses a manufacturing flaw in the front suspension lower ball joint. Many of these ball joints were scratched during manufacturing, which will cause wear and looseness, making it difficult to steer the trucks. In extreme cases, the lower ball joint may separate from the knuckle, causing the Toyota truck or SUV to veer out of control. If a driver loses control of his truck on a road or highway, a crash is almost inevitable. Toyota will pay for dealers to replace these defective joints. This is just the most recent in a long line of recalls involving Toyota Tacomas and other Toyota trucks and SUV’s.

In February of 2005, Toyota announced that a recall of at least 22,228 Toyota Tacoma trucks equipped with automatic transmission. The parking brake pedal cable on these vehicles was not secured tightly enough, causing it to loosen and come off. Toyota declares that this defect will “reduce the effectiveness of the parking brake”, but what they mean is that the parking brake will stop working. If the transmission is not placed into park or should the car start to slide down a hill, the parking brake will be ineffective and the vehicle will roll freely down the hill. Though the recall was announced in February, owners cannot do anything until March, when Toyota will allow them to take the vehicles in for inspection. If you own a Toyota Tacoma with automatic transmission, remember not to leave your child in the back seat while the car is parked, at least until you have the parking break checked out.

Toyota Motor Corp. also recently recalled 123,360 Tacoma pickup trucks model years 2001-2003. These Toyota Tacoma double-cab pickups suffered from a problem with the fuel filler pipe hose. Part of the body of the pickup truck would damage the hose during a crash situation, causing fuel to leak into the engine and increasing the risk of crash fire.

As you can see, Toyota Tacomas have suffered many defects in the past few years that require immediate attention. If you or a loved one own a Toyota Tacoma that was released between 2001 and 2005, make sure they have a mechanic check out these recall problems. If you have already experienced the problem in a crash situation and you have been hurt, contact a lawyer to see about lawsuits being filed against Toyota for their harmful recalled trucks. A lawyer can also help you recover costs for fixing your Toyota Tacoma if your Ford dealership wants to charge you for expenses that Ford Motor Corp. should cover.

Contact a Toyota recall lawyer right away to discuss problems with your Toyota Tacoma or any other recalled Toyota model. Find out about a different auto recall or contact a Toyota recall lawyer today at hugesettlements.com!

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