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Tire Retreads Save Money and Resources for Many Industries

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(ARA) - Retreaded truck tires represent a savings of more than $2 billion annually for truckers and trucking companies in North America.

For most fleets, tires represent the third largest item in their operating budget, right after labor and fuel costs. The lowest possible cost-per-mile is achieved with a good tire management program that includes the use of quality retreads.

Retreads are the replacement tire of choice for most truckers. Of the nearly 33.8 million replacement tires purchased by fleets in 2000, over 18.1 million were retreads and only about 15.6 million were new replacement tires.

Retreads are not only cost effective, but they are also dependable, reliable and safe. Truckers with scheduled delivery times, small package delivery companies with guaranteed delivery times, commercial and military jets and most school bus operators use retreads.

Retreads are also environmentally friendly. Tires are made of petro-chemical products. It takes 22 gallons of oil to manufacture one new truck tire. Most of the oil is found in the casing, which is reused in the retreading process. As a result, only seven gallons of oil are used to produce a retread.

Retreaders, like trucking companies, have experienced considerable consolidation. Today, the most successful retreaders are those with the highest quality products, delivering the best possible return on the investment to the fleets. Because of the competitive nature of the retreading industry, truckers can expect to see continuous improvement in the quality, durability and reliability, as the major retread suppliers annually invest millions of dollars in research and development.

Imagine a world without retreads:

* Groceries would cost more, since virtually all grocery delivery trucks use retreads.

* Our dependence on oil would rise. Since tires contain a very high percentage of synthetic rubber, which is petroleum based, we would have to import huge additional amounts of oil.

* New tire prices would probably rise significantly. Retreads act as a brake on tire price increases.

* Airline tickets would cost more. Virtually all commercial airlines use retreads. Surprised?

* Scrap tire piles in landfills would skyrocket with about 30 million additional tires every year. Every time a tire is retreaded there is one less tire for our already overloaded landfills.

* Construction costs for roads, bridges, factories, housing, etc., would rise dramatically if the large tires used on earthmoving vehicles were not retreaded.

In fact, just about everything we buy would cost more since practically everything we eat, wear, use at home or at work is delivered on trucks using retreads.

For more information about the many economic and environmental benefits of retreaded tires, contact the Tire Retread Information Bureau toll free, at (888) 473-8732 or by e-mail at info@retread.org.

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