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Motorcycle Buyers Inspection
Motorcycle buyers always have the little confusion of where to start? Well you start at the beginning. Reading online reviews is my favorite as it gives you the first hand advice on what to do and what to avoid in buying motorcycles. Crimes...
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The Gen X of Car Waxes

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(ARA) - A car, truck or SUV is most probably the largest purchase most Americans make besides a home. Keeping their cars in good shape is not only a national hobby for men of leisure, but also a must for busy professionals and families in the country who have little free time, but want to keep the book value of their car up and their insurance premiums down.

Americans spend so much time, money and effort to keep the mysterious “innards” of automobiles in working order that we often neglect the exterior of our lean machines, whatever their brand, make or model. And with snowy winter salt and sand eating away at the exterior, the scorching sun fading the paint, spring’s acid rain peeling away the exterior coatings, combined with bird droppings, parking lot dents and scratches everywhere, it’s easy to see why maintaining the showroom condition of our cars isn’t easy.

“The ’hot wax‘ most car owners use at coin operated carwashes is a small, short-term measure that really is not an adequate preservative, and the hand washes at manned car washes today cost a great deal and are getting more expensive all the time,” says John d’Agostino, winner of the “2004 Trendsetter of the Year” car designer award at the San Francisco Hot Rod Custom and Motorcycle Show. “For the ultimate shine and long lasting wax protection, I use Buffalo Milke not only on my show cars, but on my daily drivers as well. It is simply fast, easy-to-use and produces the best results!”

Certainly a major advance in the next generation of spray waxes, the universal usage of one product for all exterior surfaces, including paint, chrome, aluminum, high impact plastic, glass, black rubber trim and wheel rims renders old fashioned, labor-intensive waxes and cleaners obsolete.

Premium-grade Buffalo Milke Instant Spray wax can assist you in keeping your vehicle in tip-top shape: It waxes in minutes, not hours; covers minor spider web scratches and swirl marks; leaves no white powder residue; provides a wet, glossy look to paint finish as well as provides UV protection against sun damage and anti-static protection.

Take the advice of a real pro, Joe “Candy Apple” Bailon -- the man who invented Candy Apple Red paint, “It’s simple to use, just spray it on and wipe clean for that special ‘wet look’ in only 20 minutes or less.” Candy Apple Joe laments, “I wish I had had this new product to use over the past 60 years -- my car customizing career would have been far easier.”

For more information on the next generation of spray waxes, call (866) 364-2468 or log on to www.bmap.tv.

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