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Explore Less-Traveled Paths in Camping Comfort
Innovations provide the power to enjoy RV amenities miles beyond the last electrical hookup. (ARA) - If you've already experienced the serenity and fun of camping with your towable recreational vehicle (RV), you know the freedom of...
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Teeth whitening kits

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At first i reasearched all of this before i bought some, teeth whitening tooth bleaching the process has lots of names, it basicly consists of a mouldable tooth tray and a bleaching gel

You have to mess about a bit getting the tooth tray to fit exactly to your teeth or as best or as comfortable as you feel with it, then you put this gel stuff in and fit it back into your mouth and leave in in so your teeth are soaked in a special oxidizing gel

Its hard to do for long i could only do it for half an hour a day just before i went to sleep after i brushed my teeth

After a few weeks you can really notice the difference and other people will to , they might even ask you what youve done

Having whiter teeth does make a total differnce to how other people look at you

Overall: Good results and i would Recommend it.

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