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A New Race Car Combines the Best Ideas with the Latest Technology
(ARA) – Exactly how many people does it take to design a new car for NASCAR racing? As far as Ford’s new Taurus is concerned, the answer is many. And they all need to be on the same page. When the 2004 Taurus made its debut at Daytona, it...
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New Car Registrations and Car Insurance

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In September 2001 the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) introduced a new number plate registration system that was designed to last for 49 years. The new change was welcomed not only by the car dealers but also by the car insurance industry as the DVLA also decided to issue new car registrations twice a year instead of once a year.

In the past, new registrations were issued on 1st August every year. Inevitably this caused a major headache for insurance companies as so many people required insurance at this time. This once a year rush for insurance was compounded by the summer timing when most people, including insurance company employees, go on holiday. Today, the new registrations are issued in March and September. This eases the workload for insurance companies and allows them to more easily staff up for the increase in calls.

Of course, the old system ran for about 38 years and so there is still a large population of people who require insurance renewal on 1st August. So around July, August and September, Insurance companies are still especially busy and you can generally expect long call centre waits with a lot of direct companies.

Using the internet instead is a much easier and quicker way of getting your new car insurance quote. Accept Direct (http://www.acceptdirect.co.uk) have a very fast online quote system which eliminates call centre waiting times. The Accept Direct website is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and will deliver you a competitive quote in minutes.

So next time you need car insurance, whether you're looking for a cheap insurance quote for your brand new car or would like to get a low cost renewal, just go to the Accept Direct website at and save yourself some time and money.

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A New Race Car Combines the Best Ideas with the Latest Technology

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