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Young Driver Car Insurance
It has become increasingly difficult to get young driver car insurance in the UK. The reason behind this is because the statistics for young drivers having a car accident are not very good. By definition, young drivers have very little...
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Keep Your Pets Comfortable and Your Car Clean

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(ARA) - Pets are part of the family, and like other family members, often travel in the car. Whether it’s a trip to the vet, a driving vacation or a ride to the park, transporting your pet can take a toll on the car and the animal. Sharp claws can pierce the upholstery, pet hair can coat the seats and muddy paws or wet fur can leave stains and odors behind. Pets get nervous and excited and are unprotected from hard surfaces during sudden stops or turns.

Instead of makeshift solutions such as an old blanket in the back seat, why not invest in some accessories that let you pet travel in comfort while protecting the investment you’ve made in your vehicle? AutoSport, a catalog company that specializes in products that make driving fun, offers a variety of solutions for traveling with your pet.

“Next to your home, your car is probably the largest investment you will make,” notes Barry Wilson, product training manager for AutoSport, and the owner of three dogs. “But unlike your home, your car will depreciate over time. How much your car depreciates will often depend on the condition it is in upon resale. This is why proper car care is so important.”

Among the most popular and practical products offered in the catalog are the Pet Pad and custom fit covers for seats. The Pet Pad is a heavy-duty quilted cover that attaches to the seat with elastic straps. The cover is made from rip-stop nylon, which means claws won’t cause damage. It is also machine washable for easy care; and since it’s waterproof, accidents won’t soak into upholstery.

If you own a late model car, minivan or SUV, AutoSport offers several custom-fit covers to protect your interior from four-legged friends (and kids, too). The rear seat cover attaches easily to the rear headrests, and protects the entire back seat; the special nonslip back and weighted skirt help keep it in place. Seat belt openings in the cover mean that you don’t have to remove it when you want to put people in the back seat. The cargo liner adds protection and padded comfort to the cargo area of your SUV, minivan or station wagon. For maximum protection, the custom coverall shields the rear seat, the rear floor and even the front seatback. Ordering is simple -- no measuring involved. All you need to know is the make, model and year (2000 or newer) of your vehicle.

“Drivers need all their focus on the road and can’t afford distractions like a pet jumping into their lap. Restraining or confining your pet in the car is safer for you, your family and your pet,” Wilson points out. “Keeping your pet comfortable will also lead to a more pleasant trip for everyone in the vehicle. People who love to travel with their pets want to protect their pet and their automobile,” he says.

Here are some tips for making a driving trip pleasant for you and your pet:

* Protect your pets with the proper restraint or carrier for their safety and yours.

* Keep your pets on their regular diets when traveling. Try not to feed them for about six hours before the trip to help keep their stomach settled.

* Stop to let your pet exercise every couple of hours on long trips.

* Never leave your pet unattended in the car, even for a short period of time. It doesn’t take long for a car to become dangerously hot.

* Pets appreciate fresh air when traveling, but don’t let them ride with their heads outside car windows or in the bed of a pickup truck. Particles of dirt can penetrate eyes, ears and nose, causing injury.

In addition to seat and cargo protectors, AutoSport offers a wide variety of products to help you and your pet travel safer, such as a “pet tent” to keep your pet contained during trips; a pet barrier to keep your pet in the back of the vehicle; a booster car seat; a safety harness to buckle up your pet; and more.

“Customers call in need of pet products to solve specific problems. Since many of us here use these products ourselves, we are familiar with the problems pet owners face. We have found that the right combination of products can keep pets safe and your car showroom new. This insures that your pet and your car will travel many trouble free miles,” says Wilson.

See the entire catalog of automotive accessories by visiting www.autosportcatalog.com, or calling (800) 726-1199 for a catalog.

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