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Donít Get Caught in the Rain without Functioning Wiper Blades
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Hybrid cars with 250 mpg fuel mileage

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Hybrid cars with 250 mpg fuel mileage

Is it possible to have 250-mpg mileage with hybrid cars? Yes, Bellevue auto visionariesí thinks so. The people owning Toyota Prius and Honda hybrid cars are eyeing for an mpg of 40 to 50 then how a automaker claims to have technology that can give this high mileage. What technology they are using? Let us try to look at answers of these questions.

20 member team at AFS Trinity Power Corp claims to make this possible with their plug in hybrid car. On technology front, they are going to use flywheel to create and store power. Conventional cars use gasoline engine to power the vehicle whereas hybrid cars use gasoline engine with battery support. However, the claimed car will use gasoline engine, battery source with flywheel or a capacitor. The power load is shifted among these sources according to the requirement.

The flywheel will help the car in two ways i.e firstly it will help the car in the time of acceleration and secondly it will absorb the power which is being wasted while braking. It will also help the car to use lesser number and lighter batteries. This will collectively help to reduce the overall weight of the car. Flywheel or capacitor is said to absorb power efficiently and quickly.

In future, the gasoline engine could also be replaced with more fuel-efficient hydrogen fuel cells. It is estimated that these cars would cost $3 to $7 for gas and $4 for electricity per week, which is much lower, then $14 for hybrid cars and $36 for conventional cars.

As the environment is degrading each day and fuel is depleting even faster, these types of technology could help stabilize the situation largely. Let us see if dreams of Bellevue auto visionaries come live. Think of a situation if oil imports from Middle East stops due to some reason.

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