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How to Transport Cargo Safely in Your Family Vehicle

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(ARA) - Whether youíre expanding your deck, improving the landscaping in your yard or finally adding on a new screen porch, you probably are hauling a lot of cargo around at this time of year. Home improvement projects often require large, bulky items that donít fit easily into a family vehicle. Make sure that safety is your first consideration when you load up your truck or car.

The following are some tips for safely transporting outsized cargo around town:

* Do not tie items to the roof or allow lumber or other long objects to protrude from a window.

* Cover up precious cargo in a pickup bed. Invest in a bed cover such as the new Genesis Seal and Peel Tonneau cover from Lund Industries. One of the easiest to install on the market, the cover has a double-channeled sealing system that allows the user to open and close it in seconds, and it will not damage the pickup bed. Designed for extreme climates, the durable cover protects cargo from the elements and prevents anything from flying out of the truck bed. Lund also makes a Hinged Tonneau Cover that provides quick, easy access to the truck bed and has a convenient Slam-N-Scram latch that secures itself instantly when the cover is closed.

* Measure the dimensions of the item you want to move in advance, and the dimensions of your truck bed, or your carís trunk and door openings to make sure that the item will fit.

* Wrap items that could be scratched easily with a thick blanket or large piece of bubble wrap.

* Avoid busy interstates and highways. If possible, find a secondary route on residential roads where traffic is moving at slower speeds.

* Provide a padded surface such as foam, pillows or blankets on which the item will sit to prevent scratches.

* If an item is so long that it extends three or more feet past the end of the carís trunk or pickup truckís bed, tie a red flag or bandana to the end to alert other drivers.

* It is illegal in some states to carry items that protrude out of the vehicle. Regulations can vary, check with the local police about hauling items that hang out of the trunk.

With some simple precautions, you can ensure that you, your vehicle and your cargo will arrive at your destination safely. For more information on Lund Industries vehicle accessories visit www.lundinternational.com or call (800) 377-5863.

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