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Don’t Get Caught in the Rain without Functioning Wiper Blades

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(ARA) - If you are surprised by a rain shower and you don’t have your umbrella, you may get a little wet; but if you get caught without properly functioning windshield wipers on your car or truck, it could be dangerous.

Driving during a storm is hazardous enough without the added danger of diminished visibility due to worn out or damaged wiper blades. It’s not a good idea to wait until the worst storm of the season to discover that your wiper blades need to be replaced.

“You should frequently check your wiper blades and plan on replacing them about twice a year,” says Crystal Reynolds, brand manager for Anco wiper blades, the number one brand of replacement blades in North America. “Rubber blades are constantly exposed to the elements and begin to deteriorate as soon as they are installed.”

The hot, dry summer season causes even more damage to wiper blades than wet winter weather. The telltale signs are streaks on your windshield, or blades that skip during wiping. Reynolds recommends that you take a look at the condition of your wiper blades about once a month by lifting the wiper arm away from the windshield and checking for wear at the edge of the blade -- be alert for brittle or cracked areas.

In addition to inspecting the blades, turn on your washer and wiper systems to find out how well the wipers clear liquid from your windshield. Even blades that look O.K. can be damaged and won’t clean your windshield well. Don’t forget to check your rear windshield wiper too.

“A rubber blade that has been damaged from the sun, snow or salt corrosion can severely impair wiping performance,” says Reynolds.

There are now high-tech windshield wiper choices for drivers who want to enhance their safety during wet weather. One such wiper blade, called Anco HydroClear, is made from a synthetic compound that instantly “beads” water on contact. The scoop-shaped design then efficiently lifts the water from the windshield surface.

Conventional blades are made from natural-rubber compounds that attract, rather that repel water, and the wiper simply spreads the liquid across the windshield surface. In addition, unlike traditional rubber blades, HydroClear blades will not tear or rot due to ozone or ultraviolet-induced wear, and will remain flexible under a vast range of temperatures.

These wipers won’t lift off the windshield in blustery conditions either -- the aerodynamic design ensures tight and consistent contact with the windshield at high driving speed and wind conditions.

Take a minute to check your wiper blades when the sun is shining. You’ll be glad you did the next time you’re driving in a downpour.

Anco HydroClear wiper blades are available for a wide range of domestic and imported vehicles through auto parts dealers and service businesses. For more information, visit www.federal-mogul.com/Anco.

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