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Renting a Car? Safety Tips to Keep in Mind
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Custom Accessories Add Style and Personality to Your Car

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(ARA) - Some drivers go to extremes to make their vehicle stand out from the crowd. There’s even an Art Car Fest featuring cars with Happy Meal toys glued all over or decorated to resemble a zebra. These cars could stop traffic -- but in an odd rather than exciting way.

If you long to add some sizzle to your ride, consider custom accessories. Perhaps you dream about hood or roof scoop to liven up the look of your car. Or maybe it’s a rear spoiler that you’d like to add. Personalizing your car doesn’t have to be outrageously expensive or complicated. If you’re handy, you can add these embellishments yourself.

Lund International offers a wide range of products that let auto enthusiasts customize their cars, trucks and SUVs, including hood scoops, wings, turbo vents and more. “These additions let your car reflect your lifestyle,” says company spokesperson Jodi Moulzolf.

Let These Wings Take You Away

Add the look of speed, power and beauty to your car with Lund’s collection of spoilers. Choose from factory replica wings in over 100 factory style applications; custom style wings; or universal styled Tiger, Panther and Saber wings. All wings are made from durable blow molded ABS and are pre-primed, ready for painting. All mounting hardware is included and lighted spoilers are supplied with a DOT-approved LED light.

For a fast, high-tech look, opt for the ExcaliburWing, a sleek aircraft grade aluminum wing that is adjustable for optional downdraft and is available in single or dual blade designs. Single blade wings are available with three aggressive wing end cap options. The universal trunk mount design fits most compact sports cars.

Get the Scoop on Style

Adding one of Lund’s hood scoops creates a simulated performance hood look for trucks and cars. Available in a variety of styles, the scoops can be painted to match the vehicle’s finish and come in four sizes, to fit most any hood. The no drill installation makes adding a scoop easy. The unit mounts with concealed 3M adhesive foam tape.

Adding a roof scoop gives your vehicle a simulated rally-style performance air intake. The roof scoops use the same no drill installation as the hood scoops.

These innovative, fun styling products let car owners express their personality and customize their vehicles. “Do-it-yourselfers can easily add these accessories on their own,” says Lund’s Jodi Moulzolf. She points out that those who aren’t as handy can have a body shop install the pieces for them.

For more information on these and other products, visit www.lundinternational.com or call (800) 377-5863.

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