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Follow These Bright Ideas when Driving at Night
(ARA) Ė The number of people killed in traffic accidents is three times higher at night than during the day; and according to the National Safety Council thereís a good explanation for that statistic. Ninety percent of a driverís reaction depends...
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Years ago, some one in the car industry had a stroke of genius. They came up with an idea of engraving their name on each and every car that comes out of their factories. This small idea has generated free publicity worth millions of dollars for these car companies over the years.

M.K. tried to adapt the car companyísí idea for his business. M.K. was a general contractor. He used to go to houses and fix them up. He could handle everything from fixing tables to installing electrical lines to plumbing work. M.K. thought why should he advertise General motors instead of his own company? So he bought a customized magnetic sign for $45.95 and stuck it on his truck.

Whenever he went to a house to work on it, he made it a point to park the car on the street instead of the highway. Many cars passing by would slow down and people would jot down M.K.ís number from the magnetic sign. The 46-dollar sign generated so much business for M.K. that he stopped buying ads in yellow pages and local newspapers saving him hundreds of dollars a year.

M.K. started asking people how they found out about him to track the results his advertising dollars generated and he found out that 70% of people had read his truck!

Action summary:

* Why promote a car company when you can promote your own company instead? Customized stickers and decals can be bought for as low as 15 dollars. Why not invest in them?

* Go one step ahead. Instead of promoting nike, wear shirts and caps that bear your company logo on them. This alone will run up more business for your company. Buy shirts for your employees too. When big companies like Comcast can do it, why canít you?

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